The word Positivity itself brings a sweet curve on your face. I decided to talk/blog about it because nowadays I think people are sinking more and more into negative space. The two most important stages of our life used to be known as childhood & adulthood are now recognized as marks/percentage & salary package. No one is connected to themselves let alone others. We all cones to stage of life where we breakdown and that can be conquered by positivity.

According to me, Positivity is kind of energy which is everywhere, we just need to find it, and on the other hand, Negativity is just a naughty child who is telling positivity places to hide.

A very good example of this is Malala yousafzai, a Pakistani educational advocate and children’s & women’s rights activist, who, at the age of 17, became the youngest person to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

Her home and birth town Mingora is a popular tourist spot in Pakistan and is controlled by the Taliban. When she was 11 years old she realized conditions of women and their education there is worse than anything so she decided to raise voice against it and started blogging about it. After some time her family learned that the Taliban issued a death against her activism, but she didn’t stopped.

On October 9, 2012, a 15-year-old Malala was shot by a gunman with three bullets, one in the head and other in neck and shoulders. She survived the attack and continued the fight from London and said,” By shooting me the Taliban wanted to silence a voice but they’d instead woke thousands because that bullet killed my fear.” 

As you can see negativity space is everywhere it is you who have to fill it.

But not everyone is that strong and today many people are becoming its victim by committing suicides, seeping in depression and whatnot. We should stop it and change it. And like every problem it also has a solution,

P = [(K+G+H)*P-N]SL

Don’t unsubscribe!!!!!.. I swear it is not maths.

P= positivity

K= kindness

G= gratitude

H= happiness

P= people

N= negativity

Sl= self-love

Yes, you got it!! The FORMULAE OF POSITIVITY….

This is essential to apply in the equation of life. before boarding to points on positivity we should know about its lack which is negativity,

Things to avoid are:

FIRST, stop thinking about it. Whatever the situation or thought is, pause it. Just think but something else something routine something happy.


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THEN, start doing something. It could be anything random. Just pick a paper and pen, play with it. see what happens in our mind by example is when you don’t want to study but your mom made you study what we all do that time…we just hold the notebook start doodling on it, stare at it vaguely, turn random pages everything but study. But this can go on for half hour or 2 hours but at some point, you start reading it and start to make sense.

Same way after pausing when you resume doing something else at first it might be vague doodling on paper but after some time maybe you are writing something or drawing!!…that’s how the brain works ….try this method and share your thoughts !!


REWIND, come back, try to come back into a normal world, out of that negativity. Some times negativity can result in severe problems and you need to snap out of it. It’s never too late…


Ok, you got me… the last thing is to PLAY. It is time now to fill that negative space with positivity. Think about the situation how you get into it?…is it worth my time ?..if yes..then how am I gonna act on it??..should find solutions or seek help??…or do both??

Make it happen. Make your weakness your strength. Find bravery in your fear just like malala.


Now I know these steps are a handful but, fear not I got some magical tools to help you work them out…

  • MAGNET I know right why is this related to all the tedtalk above ……let me finish then decide.. how a magnet work, opposite poles attract and similar repel ..right?? say yes cause I am not good in science. So the opposite of this phenomenon works here which means similar will attract and opposites repel, whereas, negativity and positivity are two poles. If your science is weak as mine (it rhymed), be negative attract negative be positive attract positive. As simple as that.
  • KINDNESS –remember the formula, be kind to others. If someone says anything rude to you before reacting understand his situations. You like sometimes our parents or siblings shout or get angered at us it is because of the frustration from work. Just like that, everyone is battling their own battles. Be gentle, soothe them.
  • GRATITUDE –yes be thankful. Show gratitude because you know negativity can come in any disguise, for example, LIONEL MESSI once stated,’’ that I was sad because I did not have shoes then I saw a person without legs”. Be grateful for what you have made best of it
  • HAPPINESS- for that I have only one thing to say you make your happiness. Some see the night as the end and scary and darkness but only then only in the night you can see the stars shine, the sound of nature, the peace of mind and blossoming of Moon-flower.
  • PEOPLE-people around you can either make you ….remember magnet and all the talk it applies here. But an important part is played by it is in rewind. Sometimes you cant relapse you need someone to share your feelings with, which can make all the difference and it could be anyone your friend, family, teacher anyone someone you trust 110%.
Road not taken
  • SELF-LOVE – this is important. LOVE.YOURSELF. You are beautiful and awesome in your own way so own it. slay it. prove it. A sick person cannot take care of someone. If you need time take time nobody is perfect, SALVADOR DALI SAID – have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it. Sometimes in life, you have become DORI :


Be strong

Be fun

Be sunshine,and,

Be you.

all right
all right

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