Now Getting Featured on Urban Crush Media is Easier Than Ever!

If you have been wondering lately about tips to get your photo featured on Urban Crush Media, this is for you.

We have been getting a lot of requests to prepare a checklist that will allow aspirants to click better and get featured more instantly than ever.

Below is a checklist that we have prepared after a lot of discussions and brainstorming sessions.

Content must be aligned with the page theme

Get featured on Urban Crush Instantly

The page showcases the city of joy in a very creative manner and we expect our featured posts to be of a similar niche as well.

Post pictures that are related to Kolkata, Bengali Culture, West Bengal, Art, etc! Doing this will increase your chances of getting featured!

Must be your original work/click.

Eiffel Tower New Town Kolkata vs Eiffel Tower Paris

Never use plagiarised images/artwork. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism.

Inspiration is allowed but a clear copy + paste will never get your post featured. So avoid plagiarism!

Should not have a watermark in the middle of the photo or over the subject of the photo.

Don’t use watermarks, get featured on Kolkata Sutra Fast

Watermarks are a thing of the past. In this digital age, watermarks are nothing but a waste of time & something that makes your picture look bad.

Even if you’re using a watermark make sure it completely blends in. Also never use more than 5% of your image for the watermark.

Can be any form of digital art showcasing local culture or pop culture.

Digital Art gets featured very fast due to less competition in this space. So if you’re a digital artist, get ready with your Wacom, your post is going to get featured for sure!

Don’t over-edit, should be as natural as it could be.

Don’t over-edit your pictures. Get featured faster.

Highly exposed or an over-saturated image can make the image look really awful. Try avoiding too many touch-ups & too much editing!

Must use our hashtag #urbancrush & #urban_crush_ tagging @urbancrushmedia

Tag us @urbancrushmedia & use #urbancrush to get featured

This is one of the basic rules of getting featured!

Should not be any personal photo/group photo/selfie.

We don’t feature any personal pictures or selfies for obvious reasons.

These are the few pointers that you need to keep in mind to get featured on Urban Crush Media.

So what are you waiting for?
Let’s get this thing rolling!

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