Here Are 5 Desserts You Can’t Afford To Miss Out This Durga Puja


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When we are thinking bong cuisines, we can’t miss out on desserts ‘coz no bong nosh-up is complete without the quintessential mishti-mukh or sweet tasting. And Durga Puja is all about gobbling down mouth-watering sweets, along with other delights like biriyani, mughlai paratha, cutlets, mochar chop and more, rolled out with utter love right from the Bengali kitchens. This Durga Puja, ditch your diet and go binge-eating on these five authentic sweet dishes to satiate your insane sugar rushes!

1. Kaalo Jaam

Kaalo Jaam

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These luscious black coloured balls are carved out of flour, paneer and khoya, deeply fried and then immersed in cardamom flavoured sugar syrup. It is often summoned as the younger sibling of Gulab Jamun.

Where | Annapurna Sweet House, CSC Market 2, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

Location | Here

2. Chanar Jilipi

Chanar Jilipi

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This coil-shaped dessert is a special kind of jalebi made out of flour, khoya and chenna. A bite from this juicy delicacy is aptly equivalent to the magic of first love!

Where | Rasoraj Sweets, D-767, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

Location | Here

3. Chandrapuli


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Infused with edible camphor, cardamom, khoya and ghee, this crescent-shaped coconut pie is nothing less than a piece of heaven.

Where | Sweet Treat, Shop 8, Market 2, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

Location | Here

4. Lobongo Lotika

 Lobongo Lotika

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It is a holy mingle of nutmeg powder, grated coconut, nuts, raisins, cardamoms, cloves and khoya that are stuffed inside a sugar-coated maida fold sealed with clove. It’s defo gonna take your sweet taste buds on a roller coaster ride.

Where | Yummi Kolkataa, 13, Market 1, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

Location | Here

5. Baked Roshogolla

Baked Roshogolla

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As the name suggests, this is the baked version of the world-renowned spongy rasgullas. Garnished with saffron, green cardamom and pistachios, this utterly creamy delicacy with a crunchy twist will easily melt inside your mouth.

Where | Kamala Sweets, K/1-101, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

Location | Here

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