About Us


The Insta fame page urban crush is now diving into the infotainment world for its motive to serve and satisfy all….(that’s some new Tea)!!

Our team decided to explore the world more for subscribers. Now you guys don’t have to scratch your head when someone asks you what is going around the globe or some cool new diets, we covered it all for you. Urban crush magazine is going to cover most for the audience.

Our team is going to feature budding models and photographers and their take on this world, some inspiring and insta worthy quotes and much more.

This magazine is started with a view to providing a one-stop for all the people who want to know more than the ordinary. We will present you the filtered true information that you can actually share and boast about. With our wide range, it will not be restricted to only a type of genre or age group but to all curious info-mongers out there.

There will be a feature to budding artists, news is different from commotion, wisdom to lift your day, lifestyle advice, new trends and much more for worth reading and feeding your mind and soul and social aesthetic!!!

We look forward to growing this family and thank for the support.

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